Made In Chelsea Viewers Slam Julius Cowdrey After Last Night’s Episode

Some fans of the show were not happy with how Julius handled the drama last night...

If you missed last night’s Made In Chelsea: Ibiza, then you missed a whole HEAP of drama.

Not only were we treated to the entrance of Tiff’s new summer romance, professional volleyball player Pablo *swoon* but we also witnessed a proper Chelsea row between Sam Thompson, Tiff Watson and surprisingly Julius Cowdrey.

Yeah, it was a bit random that Julius joined in with the former couple’s row, but we suppose it was his dinner party they were ruining.

After Sam slammed Tiff for bringing a date to the dinner party, Julius joined in defending his unlikely ally: ‘He can do what he likes, he’s single… Just like you s***ging around on a boat.’

A bit harsh there, Julius?!

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And it was no suprise that Tiff hit back, calling the musician a ‘f***ing t**t’…

This, partnered with him openly telling his former best friend Liv that he hasn’t really missed her (ouch) did not make Julius a very popular character last night – to put it lightly.

Taking to Twitter, viewers began slamming the Chelsea lad, raging: ‘Julius, you’re a massive wet lettuce #MadeInChelsea’ and ‘Why is Julius sticking his nose in EVERYTHING. Go away #MiCIbiza’

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An annoyed fan of the show tweeted: ‘Someone please get mimi, Julius and Ella off made in Chelsea so I can watch it in peace’ and one didn’t seem convinced about the surprising alliance between Julius and Sam: ‘Sam hated Julius last series so he’s now licking Sam’s arse to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So embarrassing #MiCIbiza

Another criticised Julius and his girlfriend Ella for trying to be a ‘power couple’: ‘Julius and Ella trying to be some power couple when they are boring AF and he cheated on her after a week….#MadeInChelsea’ whereas one thought they were looking for air time: ‘Julius and Ella on the hunt for a story line #MadeInChelsea’

And it looks like this view was shared by one Chelsea star in particular…

When a viewer tweeted Tiff Watson: ‘why is Julius so rude to @Tiffany_W13 tho #MiCIbiza,’ Tiffany responded: ‘Think he wanted to have some air time’

Uh-oh, well it looks like these two haven’t buried the hatchet just yet, then!

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By Emily Jefferies