Married At First Sight’s Ben Admits That He Cheated On Stephanie

'I'm sorry, I just didn't love her...'

Married At First Sight‘s Ben and Stephanie broke the hearts of viewers everywhere when they announced their decision to divorce last week.

Whilst choosing to tie the knot with a complete stranger is something that most of us would find extremely daunting, these two had us believing that it could actually work out.

Meeting at the alter for the first time, they appeared to share an undeniable chemistry from the start. Of course, their relationship had some bumps in the road, but the series ended with them giving things a shot – and the words ‘love’ and ‘future’ were even thrown into the mix.

In a new interview with The Sun, Ben has admitted the real reason for their split. And it looks like he was unfaithful to his bride.

‘I did kiss someone but Steph knew it was all over before that,’ he confessed. ‘I’m sorry, I just didn’t love her.’


Ben even got a tattoo to show his commitment to the marriage…

He continued: ‘At the time I was completely committed to my marriage but I was being pursued all the time and I just thought, ‘I don’t need this.”

Speaking of the ‘cheating’ incident, he added: ‘Yes we did have a kiss and a cuddle, but then I thought, ‘No, this is wrong,’ I completely called time on it. It was only a friendship to me and people are reading too much into it.

‘It happened in December and I was still married to Steph, we were meant to be seeing how things went but we both knew [it was over]. We weren’t together. We just needed closure and I can only apologise.’

Giving a little more insight into their split, Ben explained: ‘Over Christmas I had an operation for a boxing injury so I couldn’t end it then as I was in hospital and she was so supportive but we were sleeping in separate rooms by then – but in the New Year I finished it.

The pair appeared to be working on their relationship at the end of the series, having decided to stay married…

‘I sat her down and said, ‘Look I’ve got to cut ties here, it’s not fair on you,’ and it killed me.

‘Now I just want closure. That’s why I revealed we’d split, I was sick of lying and everyone burying their heads in the sand thinking we’d sort it out.’

According to the report, the pair – who married in September – will have to wait one year before they can divorce.

‘I just hope she’s moved on by 30th September and has met the Prince Charming she deserves,’ he said.