Even Mark Wright Is In Awe Of Michelle Keegan’s Abs

The ex-TOWIE star takes to his Instagram Story to marvel at his wife's six-pack...

We all know Michelle Keegan is one stunning lady. But we’ve gotta say, she’s been looking hotter than ever recently.

The 29-year-old actress is now the owner of a mighty impressive set of abs, which she proudly displayed as she was snapped in her gym gear in Essex over the weekend.

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Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright shared this photo of Michelle Keegan on his Instagram Story

It’s not only us who are feeling pretty envious of Keegs’ six-pack – she’s also inspired her husband Mark Wright to get down the gym.

Mark, 30, shared one of the candid photos of Michelle on his Instagram Story yesterday, adding the caption: ‘You know you have to go straight to the gym when you realise your misses has better abs than you [sic].’

LOLz. It’s not a competition, Mark…

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright married in 2015

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But it wasn’t only Mark who’d noted Mich’s toned bod. His pal Jamie O’Hara Tweeted: ‘@MarkWright_ just seen pics of the Mrs @michkeegan that gym session we done this morning ain’t gonna cut it, she got better abs than you 😂.’

Mark replied: ‘Haha tell me about it.’

It’s clear that Michelle is feeling confident RN – and it shows. She told LOOK earlier this month: ‘As I get older, I’m feeling more confident – not with how I look but how I am as a person, and I love that.’

Michelle will turn 30 in June, and it sounds like it’s going to a big’un. She says: ‘I’ll probably be filming, but I will have a break at some point to celebrate with friends and family. For Mark’s 30th I planned a party for him in Essex and everyone turned up. We had all our families and everyone we loved in one room and we just had an amazing night.’

Just make sure you get those abs out, lady!