Michelle Keegan Is ‘Reeling’ After Reading Harsh Reviews Of Our Girl

And with husband Mark Wright on the other side of the pond, it's proving even more tough...

It’s been a week of harsh critique for Michelle Keegan, as viewers ripped apart her latest acting in the most recent Our Girl series, hailing it as ‘terrible, poor’ and ‘totally sucking’. Ouch.

It’s come as a shock for Michelle, 30, who’s only ever received praise for her performances since she left Coronation Street in 2014.

Husband Mark Wright has been a pillar of support, telling us only a couple of weeks ago that he Facetimes her ‘every night’ from Hollywood, where he’s now based, and ‘cheers her up even when it’s hard’. But in a week where Mark, also 30, has been lauded for his handling of the Las Vegas shooting aftermath reports for Extra TV, it’s been tough for Michelle to have been without her main support.

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It can’t help that the praise following Mark has also boosted his career. TV execs have been so impressed with his work that insiders tell us he’s been offered new TV roles right up ’til the end of 2018.

Michelle, who’s revealed she’ll be spending a month with Mark in December when Our Girl filming ends, is said to be concerned.

‘Michelle’s going through a really hard time,’ explains a close friend. ‘She’s struggling with the backlash of Our Girl and is having a lot of conflicting emotions about Mark’s workload in America.

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Mark is already getting more offers to do other high profile TV shows that would require him to spend a lot more time over there and, while Michelle really wants him to be successful, she’s finding it tough. Travelling is exhausting and when they do see each other, they’re both so tired.’

But while Michelle is said to be finding it extra difficult right now, Mark is also seemingly feeling the strain, admitting he probably won’t be spending Christmas in LA this year (but revealing, wherever he is, he and Michelle
will be together), and posting regular Instagram snaps and stories gushing about his wife and how much he’s missing her.

Chin up, Michelle, if anyone can make it work it’s you guys.

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