Michelle Keegan Reveals How Proud She Is Of Husband Mark Wright As He Begins New Career Adventure

These two are just too cute...

Mark Wright has taken a big career step recently as he has just begun his brand new adventure in America as a TV presenter.

Pretty impressive for the TOWIE veteran, right?

And it looks like we’re not the only ones who are rooting for Mark out in the USA, as wife Michelle Keegan has taken to Instagram to boast of her hubby’s success.

Alongside a picture of the Essex lad outside Universal Studios, Michelle wrote: ‘1st day in his new job! Goodluck @wrighty_ #SOPROUD [sic]’

In another snap on her story, the actress gushed over her husband who stood with his fellow Extra TV co-stars, including Saved By The Bell‘s Mario Lopez: ‘Unbelievable!!!’

Despite not being about to be out in Los Angeles with Mark, Michelle was keeping all her followers updated with his first day on the job.

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The Essex lad was also doing the same, telling his fans: ‘First day in the new job. Universal studios. Sunshine, palm trees, Extra TV. Here we go! New season – let’s do it!’

He also told his followers about how he stays looking sharp in the blazing LA sun: ‘My boy keeps me dry on set because it’s so sweating. He puts this white powder on me – I don’t even know what it is – but it dries me up!’

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

The TV presenter then went on to joke with his co-host Renee: ‘First day on set with one of the co-hosts, Renee. She’s Australian and very beautiful. She’s a fan of British guys so any of my friends watching this, hit me up!’

Mark left the UK earlier this week and was waved off by his family – mum Carol, dad Mark, sisters Jessica and Natalya, and brother Josh.

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Taking to Instagram during the emotional goodbye, Mark shared with his fans: ‘It’s a goodbye for a while to this lot. Jeez. That wasn’t easy. Nothing beats having a family like mine. All up at 5:30am to take me to the airport. I have the best family in world. The love and support we have for each other is beyond.

‘Family and love is everything and now marrying into my beautiful wife’s family, I have 2. I feel like the luckiest man on the planet. I love you guys. See you soon.’

Aw, Mark!

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Fans of the star were concerned for his marriage when wife Michelle wasn’t able to be there for the goodbye, but a source told The Sun that the pair are making things work despite the distance: ‘Once Michelle has finished filming Our Girl at Christmas she’s flying out to America to join Mark.

‘She hasn’t committed to any big projects after that to make sure she can stay for as long as she likes – she isn’t ‘moving there’ per se but they will split their time equally between here and LA and she will jet back and forth as much as possible. The next few months will be tough as they’ll be apart again but they’ve got a strong marriage and know they will make it work.’

That’s what we like to hear! And Michelle’s Instagram posts only prove that these two are stronger than ever!