This One Moment From The Mummy Diaries Has Sparked A Backlash On Twitter

Samantha Faiers' fans are not impressed with her partner Paul Knightly, following THAT cheese on toast moment...

The Mummy Diaries is back on our screens, welcoming Samantha Faiers, Paul Knightley and baby Paul back into our lives.

But, following Wednesday night’s episode, fans have taken to social media to criticise Sam’s partner for his ‘tantrum’ over some cheese on toast. Yes, really.

Having left work to see his girlfriend, their baby son Paul and their newborn daughter Rosie, he announced that he fancied some cheese on toast.

Juggling toddler Paul and his lunchtime snack, Samantha obliged. But when Big Paul took a mouthful, he complained that it ‘wasn’t cooked’ and likened it to ‘cheesy bread.’

He told the former TOWIE star: ‘This isn’t cheese on toast. This is cheese on warm bread!’

Sam had her hands full trying to feed Little Paul his lunch, but the complaining seemed to continue.

‘Make yourself some more then,’ Sam told him, looking a little irritated. Paul simply walked away from the conversation.

Fans took to Twitter to comment on the moment.

‘I literally couldn’t deal with Paul… @SamanthaFaiers has the patience of a saint!! #MummyDiaries [sic],’ one fan wrote.

‘What does same see In Paul though. Seriously? Useless man child. Make your own cheese on toast #MummyDiaries [sic],’ another tweeted.

‘I was shouting at the screen Sam watching you at the oven! Your man needs to sort himself out and get cooking for you chick haha #mummydiaries [sic],’ said another.

Oh dear.