Olivia Attwood Is Glad That Filming Of Her Reality Show With Chris Hughes Was ‘Cut Short’

The Love Island pair's rocky relationship has played out on their ITVBe show...

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes were certainly one of the most talked-about couples from last year’s series of Love Island, so we weren’t all that surprised when ITV announced that they would be getting their very own spin-off, Crackin’ On. 

Of course, if you’ve been following the pair, you’ll already know that they parted ways before their show started airing. And, with each episode, fans are starting to see why.

After a particularly difficult row was shown in the last instalment of the show, Olivia, 26, has now revealed how difficult it has been to watch the breakdown of her relationship on TV.

‘Do you know what, the show airing has been such a bittersweet experience for me and I’m so glad that we didn’t do any more because I don’t think I’d be able to live through it,’ she wrote in her latest column for New! magazine.

Opening up about the last episode, which saw a very heated argument breakout on the way to the airport, Olivia explained: ‘I found the scenes in the car really hard to watch because I could see in my face that I looked really ill and drained from the whole situation.

‘I looked totally defeated and I got a lot of my friends and family texting to say they were crying watching it.’

Branding the reality show a ‘brutal trip down memory lane’, Olivia says that she’s happy filming was cut down to three episodes.

Viewers have been speculating about whether Olivia and Chris will eventually give things another go, especially as Chris, 25, has appeared on daytime TV to declare that they are ‘still obsessed with each other.’


There has also been a lot of confusion surrounding some photos that have been posted to Instagram, showing them posing together for a day out at the races.

Chris and Olivia: Cracking’ On returns on Wednesday at 10pm.