Why People Need To Stop Asking Michelle Keegan About Her Marriage

Give these two a break, people...

They are arguably one of the cutest couples in British showbiz, but Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have faced a LOT of speculation from the public about their relationship.

With actress Michelle working abroad and Mark’s TV career continuously bringing him more opportunities, the pair have had to spend quite a bit of time apart recently.

But Michelle, 30, has now opened up to the Daily Star about her marriage, and put an end to those ‘on the rocks’ rumours once and for all.

She says: ‘We’re happy. I don’t want to constantly say: “We’re happy, we’re fine,” because why validate it? If we’re happy, we’re happy.

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Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan married in 2015

‘We FaceTime all the time. I’m in a lucky position, but you miss home a little bit.

‘The hardest part of working on a show like Our Girl is not seeing my family and friends for the time that I’m away filming. I celebrated my 30th birthday on-set in South Africa. Although I wasn’t at home and I missed my family and friends, the Our Girl cast and production team helped to make my birthday so special.’

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Discussing her hubby, Michelle continued: ‘Mark and I are very good and everything is fine. Our marriage is going really well. Me and Mark know that I have to go away for work. He’ll come visit me and it’ll be fine.

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‘Why can’t a woman work away and have a separate career from her husband and still have a good marriage? That’s the frustrating thing. What do people think goes on? Everything is fine with us. We have separate careers. Why is it a bad thing?’

You tell ’em, Michelle!

‘I speak my mind and it gets me into trouble,’ the former Corrie actress went on.

‘It’s so negative these days. I’m just a normal girl. I’m just doing my job. I don’t really take notice of the haters or trolls, I really don’t. I don’t read them. So no matter what they say, I don’t really care. I don’t feel the need to prove anyone wrong. I have chosen the career I want for myself. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. ‘

So come on everyone, let’s leave these two to it, eh?

By Emily Jefferies