Hair Masks: 12 Conditioners To Revive Your Locks

Sadly summer is long gone, but that doesn’t mean we should stop using our hair masks. Hair can often be neglected in the colder months; it’s easy to think that with the cooler weather and lower humidity, hair won’t become so damaged, but icy winds and dropping temperatures can affect your hair just as much, stripping them of their glossy former selves and turning them into scraggly ends.

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A hair mask has the ability to deeply condition and nourish dry, damaged hair, nursing it back to life almost instantly. They’re so easy to use; simply apply all over hair in the shower and let sit for at least 5 minutes or more, depending on the suggested time. Often people forget just how much of a difference a hair mask can make to their hair. And, you don’t need to use it every single day, just incorporate it into your haircare routine once a week – or more depending on how in need your strands are – and you’ll notice a difference in no time!

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So, fear not; there’s never been a better time to give your parched tresses some much-needed TLC. We’ve hand picked the best, most conditioning hair treatments, to help bring your lacklustre locks back to life.

Use coconut oil, for an all-natural frizz tamer.